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Window cleaners not cost the earth

Window cleaners operate either at a specialized company for cleaning glass or on its own as a one-man operation. Both business models are working in private and in business. As the price range is the basis for a window of 1.5 square meters including frame cleaning about 4, - €. This applies to the private sector. Showcase in business are offered for sale per square foot from about 70 cents. Discounts are possible for long-term contracts or large amounts of glass. In this industry there is a tough competition. The best variant for its own needs, you can easily get on the internet. The websites of the companies detailed information on all conditions. On request, an on-site consultation can be arranged. Window cleaning is an extremely unpopular work in private households. In the business window cleaning is not included in the outdoor performance of building cleaning company. Therefore, the companies and the professional window cleaners can not really complain about jobs.

Window cleaner for the inside

Window cleaners are hired not only for outdoors but also for indoor use. In most hospitals, for example, can no longer fully open the windows for security. In this case, the separate purification of the inside and outside is required. This is a special order situation for a specialist company and must be performed simultaneously inside and out soon. Schematic work never does a window cleaner. Every building, every house is an individual construction. The work plan and working for the window cleaners are therefore hardly once in two places at the same. The window cleaner chooses its optimal action at local level. Important in the final result is a flawless front window with a reasonable effort. In the private sector, the window cleaner, of course, always clean all windows inside and out. The cleaning of window frames will certainly not be necessary every time. This work requires more time and will cost a bit more. The unpopular work of Fensterputzens can specifically remove many households only too happy.

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